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16 and 8 Seater Minibus

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Kirriemuir Minibus Hire

Choosing a reputable minibus hire service is always something that you should be careful about. Hidden fees, ill-maintained vehicles and unprofessional drivers are just some of the bumps that you might stumble upon while enjoying your trip. However, here at Scottish Blue ® Minibus Hire Kirriemuir, we strive in providing the highest possible quality are the most affordable rate. When it comes to renting your vehicle upon arrival, we are the people that are going to make it happen without any hassle.

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Why Choose Us?

Well, right off the bat, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services, and we can offer you vehicles ranging from 8 passenger seat to 16 passenger seat minibus hire in Kirriemuir. We also have a team of professional, communicative, friendly and experienced driver who are well aware of how to behave in any given situation. In the light of the aforesaid, the majority of our minibuses are also equipped to be accessible and capable of carrying up to 6 seated passengers and 2 wheelchair users at any given time. The access to the inside of the buss is ensured through state of the art secure electrical lifts as well as ramps that are specifically designed to help those with disabilities.

  • Local, Friendly, and Experienced Drivers
  • Minibuses to a high standard of safety
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Airport Transfers all over Scotland
  • Support online and over the phone
  • Get a quote online today
  • Affordable Prices for a Premium Service

Professional Control Room

Minibus Hire Control Room

We are one of the companies that have a fully staffed, professional and highly operational control room. With this in mind, our Kirriemuir minibus hire services is going to ensure that your booking is in particularly safe hands, regardless of how early in the morning or how late in the evening your particular collection is settled for. We also use incredibly advanced booking and dispatch systems.

As you can see, we are incredibly advanced and technologically oriented company that’s going to provide you with extraordinary minibus hire services. You can rest assured that the experience, that you get is going to be nothing short of excellent. We have many years’ worth of experience and we are capable of catering to your every requirement. You could also take a look at our website should you need to request and real-time information or specifications about the buses that you might find appropriate.

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